Audrey Kawasaki curates L.A. art show


The incredible painter Audrey Kawasaki has curated a group show of new art (including her own work) opening Friday night at Thinkspace in Los Angeles. The mindblowing exhibition includes pieces by Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, Brandi Milne, Travis Louie, Kukula, and many more. Seen above, Kawasaki's "Hush" (17" x 11", oil, graphite, and colored pencil on wood). Titled "The Drawing Room," the show runs until November 29. All of the work is also viewable online.
The Drawing Room (online gallery), The Drawing Room (press release)

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UPDATE: Thinkspace's Andrew Hosner points out that two limited edition Audrey Kawsaki prints will also be available to those who can make the show in person. Only 200 of each are available and they're just $50 each, so I'd imagine they'll go rather quickly! Audrey Kawsaki's Drawing Room prints