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Today on Boing Boing Gadgets, we looked at a nifty little traffic loop sensor activator that lets bicyclists get their fair place on the road, and rounded up the best speakers in every class.

An anti-static keychain prevents you from turning into a human tesla coil, while a Darth Vader toaster proves the divinity of Darth Vader.

You may think you can shop at Circuit City's liquidated stores for a good deal on HDTVs: you can't. But you can soothe a tattered soul with a beautiful ocarina solo on your iPhone.

We looked at motorcycles made of watch parts and what PhotoShop's interface would look like in the real world. Ericsson has insanely lofty plans for mobile phones, an electric bullet train will carry 100 million Californian passengers a year by 2030, a buttonless Xbox 360 controller improves your FPS gaming, and Windows 7 comes in 2009;

And Nintendo's new DSi handheld? Comes with a virtual budgie.