Billboard Liberation Front and Wachovia Bank



Just a few short hours ago, our fiendish friends at Billboard Liberation Front helped Wachovia Bank improve the messaging on a billboard in San Francisco's Mission District. From the BLF's press release:

This campaign emphasizes the silver lining in the economic storm front now threatening to swamp our economy as well as our individual fiscal inner tubes.

"The calamitous decline in the value of all investments and the impending total collapse of the dollar will render the true value of the average savings account or investment portfolio roughly equal to a bucket of warm piss," noted Thomas J. Wurtz, CFO of Wachovia. Dr. John Silvia, Managing Director and Chief Economist noted: "After that golden shower we got from Golden West, we decided to fight fire with fire and start bailing for our clients and stockholders, mixed metaphors notwithstanding."

Billboard Liberation Front and Wachovia Bank