Ban on phone hacking means that cops don't know what bad guys can do

India's prohibition on researching phone-hacking means that only terrorists and crooks get to know how this stuff works, while the cops sit around scratching their asses, muttering, "How'd they do that?"

Police had no idea that one SIM card could be used simultaneously from two handsets before the detention of Nazir Ahmed for interrogation. Nazir was picked up from Morigaon after an SMS from his mobile number in the name of ISF-IM claimed responsibility for Thursday's blasts in Assam…

The cloning requires extracting the Ki (the secret code inside the SIM) and IMEI from the original card. It would take up to three days to extract the Ki and the IMEI from the original SIM card through the programmes offered by the sites. The experts said no one has actually done any research on SIM card cloning because the activity is illegal in the country.

SIM card clones new challenge for Assam cops
(via Schneier