Boing Boing Offworld launches!


It's been a little over a year since we birthed Boing Boing Gadgets with our pal Joel Johnson. Ever since, Joel and his trusty lieutenants Rob Beschizza and John Brownlee have been conspiring to launch a new Boing Boing site centered around games. It was hard for any of us to vocalize what a BB games blog might look like — we just knew it was in our DNA. So instead of forcing the hand of chance, Joel let the idea evolve at its own pace, to let it figure out what it wanted to be. And indeed it did. A year later, it's time to blast off to kicksville with the launch of Boing Boing Offworld!

Piloting the rocket is Brandon Boyer, the former news editor for Gamasutra and longtime contributor to Edge magazine. Brandon is a quintessential happy mutant, following the fun without getting lost in the hype or sucked into the snark. We are thrilled that he signed up for the program.

Boing Boing Offworld is a hub for gaming culture that cultivates the joy of discovery, sense of wonder, and celebration of innovation that all of us, and you, thrive on. Offworld will mix no-nonsense game reviews with profiles of designers, game industry news with level-headed thinkpieces, HOWTOs with actual games you can play. And of course, community! Gaming is a social phenomena. We hope you'll feel at home Offworld! (The comments feature should be up-and-running shortly so until then, please feel free to discuss here.)

We have a quite a few happy mutants to thank for helping light the candle. Thanks to the unstoppable force of Federated Media: Jason Ratner, Mugs Buckley, Matt Jessell, Corrine Kasman, Josh Mattison, Jonathan Schreiber, and the whole gang for their ongoing support. Special thanks to FM's Jason Weisberger, gentleman and friend, who noticed that a launch window had opened. Thank you to OMD's Adam Fiskand and McCann Erickson's Ori Zohar for working with FM to bring the idea to Intel's Tim Takeuchi. Thanks to Joel Johnson for the flight plan and BB Gadgets' Rob Beschizza, a true Renaissance 2.0 man. Deep gratitude as always to our man in the Jefferies tubes, BB sysadmin Ken Snider.

Finally, thank you to our launch sponsor, Intel, who made this mission a go. We couldn't think of a more perfect partner.

Welcome to Boing Boing Offworld! A new game awaits…