BBtv: SELK Bag, Boing Boing Gadgets review with Joel Johnson

This week, Boing Boing tv is debuting regular product reviews produced with Joel and the crew, and we'll blog 'em here on Gadgets first. What better way to kick the series off than a lulz-filled analysis of the Lippi Selk Bag, a sleeping bag with arms and legs that makes our Joel look like a bespectacled Gumby? The funky-chunky "sleepwear system" ranges in price from $169 to $399. I imagine they'd really come in handy at one of those outdoor all-nighter raves, unless you get lucky — interpersonal intra-bag intercourse might be logistically difficult in these.

Tell Joel what you think of his Gumby impersonation in the Boing Boing Gadgets comment thread for this video. And
here is a direct MP4 link, if you prefer a downloadable video to the Flash embed above.