Today on Offworld


Today Offworld got an exclusive sneak peek at the awesomely retro-futurist super HYPERCUBE, a game by Montreal art collective Kokoromi and developer Polytron that uses both red/blue anaglyph glasses and Johnny Lee-style Wii-mote head-tracking to play a stylishly minimalist block game inspired by the famous "human Tetris" Japanese gameshow video. The game makes its debut tonight at Montreal's Society for Arts and Technology (the SAT), so head down if you're in the area.

We also mapped the evolution of the rhythm game from Parappa to Rock Band via a new interactive timeline, snickered behind the back of Kids In The Hall's Scott Thompson utterly failing at Portal, worried about UK indie dev Introversion trying to build an AI that cannot be stopped from blowing up the entire world, and finally, celebrated the tenth anniversary of Valve's original Half-Life, with new footage from a team of modders attempting to bring the game into the 21st century.