Family of disabled boy whose pony is to be taken away starts a fundraising drive

The mother of the disabled child who may lose his miniature pony — his only means of moving independently — because his neighbours (who live next to a cow farm) complained about the smell — has established a PayPal account to fund the legal work of keeping the pony. That address: .

She has had numerous Caledon businesses ask if they can post a petition for her, has received a number of offers from local stables who would like to house Emily the pony for her, and is constantly fielding calls and letters from people who would like to meet and lend support to Sam and Emily.

"One thing we are considering is planning some sort of meet and greet," said Spiteri. "We have had so many people ask to meet with us, that we want to plan a day where people can visit our property and meet Sam and Emily themselves, see where we house her, and the situation we're in."

According to Spiteri, the Town informed her that the next available committee date will be November 12.
Until then, she will work on finishing all of her paperwork, and raising the funds needed for the application.
Spiteri said she needs to pay a fee of $800 for the application.

Mother begins work to keep her son's pony

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