BBC follows shipping container around the world

The BBC is following a shipping container around the world, and taking videos in an "experiment to lift the veil on the global economy and tell the stories behind the goods inside, those who make them, and how they travel to consumers."

The Box is due to arrive during the broadcast in LA from Shanghai laden with consumer goods for the American market. Matt Frei will talk to officials at the port about the impact of the global economic downturn on the shipping industry and the export market from China.

The program will also take an in-depth look at the auto-industry when Matt Frei visits the port at Long Beach where imported cars have been piling up due to dwindling demand.

Here are the videos so far:

The Box gets painted

The Box ready to start journey

BBC Box arrives in Shanghai

The Box unloads in Shanghai

BBC box leaves Greenock

Shipping ports face economic storm

New cargo for the Box

And here's a papercraft version of The Box you can make.