Photographic Periodic Table of Elements Cards, Puzzles, Personalized Posters

This is one of the baddest-ass gift ideas I've seen yet this holiday season. So, you may recall an earlier Boing Boing blog post about the Periodic Table rendered in lenticular 3D photographs….

Theodore Gray has been making the ultimate periodic table, a one-of-a-kind wooden table with real samples that sits in his office. For the rest of us who don't visit his office he has he has created an incredible (and very tastefully designed) photographic poster "after four years of collecting and photographing samples of all the chemical elements, months of struggling to select the very best example of each one."

Mr. Gray is producing those posters still, and they're vivid and lovely. But he's also offering a custom banner service so you can print out a name (yours, that of your loved one, or your beloved blog, whatever) in photographic elements. Ours is above. Also, he's just begun offering a really cool puzzle with the same imagery, and a deck of index cards — unlike other "elements" card decks, this one has perfectly square cards with all the info about that element on the back. You can reassemble them to make the periodic table. I've seen all of this stuff, it's sitting in the Boing Boing tv office right now, and it's beautifully printed, packaged, and presented. I'm going to buy a bunch for holiday prezzies.

UPDATE: Oh, cool — a special offer for Boing Boing readers! Theodore, the guy who makes all this stuff, says:

I've added a "Where did you hear about my products?" comment field to the PayPal order page (it comes near the end of the ordering process). If anyone puts in boingboing, I'll send them a free extra product. If they order any size of poster, I'll include an extra 18×36 poster. If they order something non-rolled (like place mats, 3D lenticular print, card deck, or puzzle), I'll send something else that's not rolled. (Sending both a rolled and non-rolled item costs much more than sending two of the same type.)