Toilet train your cat

Kick-LitterIn the last three years, we've adopted three stray cats. With that many cats in the house, the litter box is in almost constant use. If we don't stay on top of cleaning it, the smell gets overpowering. And even though we use an igloo-style litter box with a stair-step tunnel entrance, the cats have figured out a way to kick copious amounts of litter onto the floor. They seem to consider it a feline duty to scatter the filthy particles around.

I can't stand it any longer. I'm going to toilet train the cats, using the 9-step program outlined in this book, Kick Litter, by Perre DiCarlo.

The training method is so simple that it is explained in two pages. The rest of the book consists of photos of the author's cats and cutesy captions of what the cats "think" about the method. The book's cover jacket is an instructional poster you can remove and unfold, and contains everything you need to know to try this method.

I'll give it a try. If I'm successful, I'll shoot a video of my cats in action.

Kick Litter: Nine-Step Program for Recovering Litter Addicts