Ramones photos by Jenny Lens — eBook with free sample


Jenny Lens is an LA based photographer who has taken thousands of great early punk rock photos. She is gearing up to release a Ramones photo eBook

Ramones First West Coast Tour, 1976, Highlights, V1, the first in a series
of exciting, new photo eBooks from the Jenny Lens Punk Archive. The ONLY way
you will see so many rare, large and groovy photos, most seen only by Jenny!

FREE 16 page book sample eBook download.

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HELP SAVE the Jenny Lens Punk Archive! Jenny's seminal, 1976-1980, LA-based
punk photos have been published more than anyone on the West Coast for over
32 years. Her photos have been published more than ANY other photographer
during that time frame in ALL the numerous major books published the past
few years. Her photos are also in documentaries, magazine articles, CD/DVD
packaging and more.

But there are thousands you've never seen! Photos which will make you laugh,
cry, dance and more!