Pair of mystery feet matched

News in the case of the dismembered feet found washed up in British Columbia: A coroner has matched a foot found in May with one discovered just last month. No word yet on who that particular pair of feet, clad in New Balance running shoes, once belonged to. From the Associated Press:

"In all cases, these remains appear to have naturally separated from the body," said the B.C. Coroners Service.

DNA testing linked one of the Canadian feet to a depressed man who disappeared in 2007. Investigators have also concluded that two of the five feet belonged to one man who has not yet been identified.

Experts say that when a human body is submerged in the ocean, the arms, legs, hands, feet and head usually come off the body. The Coroners Service said it is difficult to determine how long remains have been in the water.

"Canada coroner matches pair of mysterious feet"