SKULLS: the skull-a-day book

I'm a big fan of Noah Scalin's ambitious Skull-a-Day project, through which he crafts and posts a skull using a different medium every day. So I was delighted to get a review copy of SKULLS, the book adaptation of his website, which lavishly reproduces his expert photographs of his widely varied projects. Every one of these skulls is an artistic success, though some are better than others (I'm a big fan of the food-skulls like those shown below — even the simple Soy-Sauce Skull is admirably well-executed given the volatility of the medium). It's always tricky to turn a website into a book, but this is a good one: in addition to the skulls and the brief artist's notes, there's a couple of appendices, one of which will teach to you make skulls from a variety of household objects, the other shows off some of the best fan-skulls Scalin inspired.