Cop seen on video knocking over bicyclist has been indicted

No wonder police officers sometimes confiscate and destroy the cameras of people who videotape them committing illegal acts — the officers occasionally end up having to pay for their crimes, just like civilian law breakers do.

Remember the video I posted of a Critical Mass bicyclist who got knocked over by NYPD officer Patrick Pogan? Fox News reports that Pogan's been indicted and must report to the Manhattan prosecutor's office next week.

Police said Long was obstructing traffic and deliberately steered his bicycle into an officer. Charges were dismissed.

A video of the body-check that knocked Long over was posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

Pogan has been stripped of his badge and gun and been assigned to desk duty.

As Radley Balko says, "If not for the video, the guy on the bicycle would probably still be facing charges."