How to spend $53,826 a week without really trying

The estranged wife of United Technologies Corp.'s chairman George David filed a document with the court that shows that she requires $53,000 a week to support her lifestyle. If you're curious to see how one person can spend that much money a week, here's the PDF of the court filing.

Real estate accounts for a lot of it, including mortgage, maintenance fees, rent or other costs for a Park Avenue apartment, a Hamptons residence and several properties in Sweden.

But travel ($8,000), clothing ($4,500), hair and skin care ($1,000), dry cleaning ($650) and flowers ($600), among many other items, contribute to the total.

Dry cleaning does not include fur storage and cleaning ($45).

And that's when Douglas-David is cutting back.

"While recognizing that many of these expenses may seem high, most are lower than prior to the commencement of this case in August 2007," a footnote in her financial affidavit says.

Wife Of UTC's George David Has Expenses Of $53,000 A Week