Global Voices' coverage of Gaza Strip Bombings (and how to keep the coverage alive)

Global Voices Executive Director Ivan Sigal says,

We've been covering the latest Gaza crisis from the perspective of bloggers and citizen journalists for the past few days. Blogger coverage has been highlighting both sides of the Israel/Gaza conflict. It's captured here on a Special Coverage page.

We're' also focusing in on application use by Israeli and Arab bloggers, where we find it. This post for instance, is about ongoing discussion on twitter.

Additionally, Global Voices has recently started a donations drive, including a tax exemption option for US citizens. Global Voices Managing Director Georgia Popplewell explains the donations logic here:

Donations will help sustain the efforts of our authors and translators who work around the clock to bring you updates from conflict areas, natural disasters, and from the frontline of battles for freedom of expression.

Even a small contribution will help pay for server expenses, monthly fees for editors, and a small team of staff.

Additional funding will help us keep actively translating our content into more than 15 languages, and add new languages to the mix, ensuring that individuals and media professionals around the world have access to the diverse voices coming from citizen media at a time when coverage of international news is under serious threat.

(Disclaimer: I am a member of the advisory board of Global Voices.)