Warhol, Spielberg, Bianca Jagger on a hotel bed…

My friend Siege blogged this YouTube find and explained it like this:

On a hotel bed, Steven Spielberg talks to Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger about TV static ghosts, picking up radio stations on his teeth, and swallowing the future.

Spielberg confesses *swallowing* a transistor after his father presented it to him, and said "son, this is the future" — it was the young boy's first hands-on experience with technology. Or, perhaps better stated, his first technology-in-gullet experience.

My Friends Andy, Steve and Bianca Just Hanging Out (YouTube, uploaded by user michaeljamespinto, read his blog entry about the clip here. )

Update: BB commenter DHC says, "It's worth noting that his is an outtake from a TV show that Warhol developed and aired on Manhattan cable. You can get more of the story here."

And still more about the video here. Anyone know if other clips or episodes are available online anywhere? Please post links in the comments, these are fascinating. Also: coke or weed? Discuss. (my money's on coke.)