Free, legal downloads of every Beatles song

Oyvind sez, "Some weeks ago, NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting – signed a deal with music rights holder organisation TONO in Norway. The new deal gives NRK right to publish podcasts of all previously broadcasted radio- and tv-programs that contains less then 70% music.

Podcast containing music may be up for four weeks, while our podcast without music stay up on our server forever.

One result of this deal, is that we now can publish 'Vår daglige Beatles' – 'Our Daily Beatles' in English – as a podcast.

In this series from 2001, journalists Finn Tokvam og Bård Ose tells the story of every single Beatles tracks ever made, chronologically. Each episode contains a 3 minute story about each track (sadly for our international visitors – in Norwegian) and the actual Beatles tune.

This is – as far as we know – the first time you can download the Beatles' music legally. Neither iTunes nor Amazon have The Beatles in their music stores."

Last ned alt av "The Beatles" – og historien om hver enkelt låt

(Thanks, Oyvind!)

Update: Aaaand they nuked it