Xeni's movie reviews on Fancast: My Favorite Film About Giant Man-Eating Vermin

The people at the online streaming video content site Fancast invited me to write some movie and tv reviews for Fancast.com, and I've been submitting them in recent weeks (disclaimer: I'm being paid to do so, but I actually do dig the content there — lots of weird stuff, and they're not editing my reviews or controlling editorial content at all). I think this will be my final post for a while, but I do hope you'll read, then watch, and enjoy. It's about one of the crappiest sci-fi/horror flicks ever made, THE FOOD OF THE GODS. Snip:

I don't know who convinced a Hollywood executive to greenlight this turkey in the mid-seventies, but studio guy, if I ever find you I'll kiss you. I first saw "Food" at a cult-movie screening club in Los Angeles – part of a film series they called "When Animals Attack." Hitchcock's "The Birds would have belonged in the series, but it's just not crappy enough. The movies that did make the cut? "Bug," about killer cockroaches (1975), "Day of the Animals," about killer dogs (1978) and the ROFL-riffic "Night of the Lepus," about killer bunnies (1972). Yeah, that's right. I said killer bunnies.

While the other films focus on specific species of critterdom, "Food of the Gods" was a veritable smorgasbord of malicious mammals, foul fowl, and bad bugs. Cringe as the supersized chicken chomps on townspeople! Gasp when huge rats and wasps dine on helpless humans!

Ecology Strikes Back: "The Food of the Gods" (Fancast.com, comment thread is over there!)