S. Charles Lee's deco movie theaters

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Bibliodyssey posted a selection of magnificent Art Deco architectural designs by S. Charles Lee, including the two amazing movie theaters above. From the description of the Newsreel Theatre "Rio":

This design makes good use of a small urban lot by maximizing the advertising space. The design above the marquee is one unit, the design below another. The projecting marquee attracts the attention of both driver and pedestrian. The exterior could be of concrete, plaster, terra cotta, glass or plastic, the lettering in copper or white metal.

And from a note on the back of the Newsreel Theatre "Town" drawing:

"This spectacular design has been planned to care for a change in theatre patronage. It is meant to speak up to the people to come in and see what is inside, and is planned for a locality where the newsreel has become an attraction."

S. Charles Lee