RPG monsters designed by fifth graders

Trask sez, "Arc Publishing used a class of 5th graders to create monsters for their role-playing game, "Monsters and Other Childish Things." There is a contest to give game attributes to the monsters and the best submission wins free artwork."

Bluke is really smelly. His B.O. (body odor) is the worst. There is something peculiar about his ears. They smell like food. One smells like cookies and the other smells like pizza. His breath smells like beautiful flowers. And his hair smells like a garbage can. His smell is very crazy!

Now do you see why my monster is so weird? If you see a monster it will remind you of my monster. Hopefully this essay made you feel silly. What is your favorite part about my monster? Mine is his cushy, fluffy tummy!

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(Thanks, Trask!)