The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 2

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Every time I have a nightmare about zombie hordes, I swear off all forms of zombie-centric media, because the dreams are so grim and negative. Of course, I break my resolution every chance I get. I don't know what my problem is.

Today I received the The Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 2 and I'm ready to feed my nightmares once again. It's a massive hardbound, slipcased anthology of the terrific Image comic book series by Robert Kirkman about a small band of humans struggling to live in a world filled with undead flesh eaters.

Omnibus Volume 2 contains issues 25-48 of the comic book. Walking Dead Omnibus Volume 1 contains the first 24 issues. Used copies are on Amazon for $(removed) A better way to get caught up is by purchasing the hardback anthologies. Book 1 has the first 12 issues, and Book 2 has issues 13-24.