Pig and the Box anti-DRM kids book in a new edition

MCM, author of the fabulous anti-DRM kids' book "The Pig and the Box," sez,

Two years and a lot of learning later, I'm finally re-releasing my anti-DRM book "The Pig and the Box" in a snazzy Second Edition. The new version is more kid-friendly (at the suggestion of some teachers and librarians) as well as having a shinier cover. And even better, I finally figured out the whole "distribution" angle, so you can buy it practically anywhere in the world (even Japan!)

This is part of my "12 Books in 12 Months" project, where I'm launching a slate of Creative Commons-licensed titles throughout 2009. Next up is the third book in the SteamDuck series, and then the start of an "open source" action series called "TorrentBoy".

Oh, and as always, the books are all downloadable as free PDFs, so collect and trade 'em with your friends!

The Pig Book Returns

(Thanks, MCM!)