EFF to judge: Let's webcast the RIAA's lawsuit

Rogue archivist Carl Malamud sez,

EFF filed a really well-done brief today in support of Professor Nesson and Harvard's Berkman Center and their quest to provide a live webcast of the defense they providing to students against the RIAA.

Public.Resource.Org and the Internet Archive have offered to host the video. We've previous worked with the provider here, Courtroom View Network, to put the Nifong disbarment trial on-line
(link). All that video is hi-res with no restrictions on re-use.

Media Access Project, Free Press, and the California First Amendment Coalition, and even attorney Ben Sheffner have joined this call to open up the court proceedings.

EFF does such great work … we're really proud to support their excellent brief.

EFF Leads Call of Support for Live Webcast of RIAA Hearing

(Thanks, Carl!