France to give free newspaper subs to 18 year olds

The latest weird-ass move from French President Sarkozy is to bail out newspapers by giving kids free daily newspaper subscriptions on their 18th birthdays, which is supposed to instill "the habit of reading the press." I wonder if he'll also give out free bridle and tackle to instill "the habit of dressage." How about stimulating the French press by giving all the kids free, uncensored broadband?

Sarkozy also announced a ninefold rise in the state's support for newspaper deliveries and a doubling of its annual print advertising outlay amid a swelling industry crisis.

Sarkozy argued in a speech to publishers that the measures are needed because the global financial crisis has compounded woes for a sector already suffering from falling ad revenues and subscriptions.

Sarkozy offers new help for French print media

(via Beyond the Beyond)