Half a terabyte of public domain video, free for the downloading

Rogue archivist Carl Malamud sez,

Public.Resource.Org released a 1/2-terabyte public domain stock footage library. This is 438 high-resolution MPEG2 files we obtained from the federal government. The footage ranges from WWII Disney productions to Army training films to Fish and Wildlife Service documentaries of wilderness areas.

For a small studio or a student filmmaker with a half-terabyte free, we thought you might appreciate the convenience of simply downloading the whole thing as NTSC MPEG-2 files all at one time and sorting it out later. We include the metadata files from the Internet Archive, and our servers support http, ftp, and rsync.

If you just just want to browse the video, you can use our depots on YouTube, the Internet Archive, or our own NTIS agency page. But, if you'd rather slurp the source for your video library, have at it.

Public Domain Stock Footage Library

(Thanks, Carl!)