Holiday in Venezuela: Chavez locks down Caracas, anti-semitic slurs appearing.

Guido David Núñez-Mujica tells Boing Boing,

On Saturday, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez decreed that February the 2nd, the anniversary of his ascent to presidency, would be a national holiday.

The government said that it would enforce the holiday and close and fine any open store. They are doing that and officers from the equivalent of the IRS, the SENIAT, are closing many stores that opened today. The country is paralyzed, no children at school, no classes at the universities, just because the selfish desires of a tyrant who said two days ago that he intends to be in power until 2049 and that there would be war if the opposition wins. (Related YouTube link).

Given the fact that some of my fellow happy mutants are somewhat sympathetic to Chavez, I submit this twitter link in Spanish that describes the reaction of some people to the closure of the stores. Not even in New year's Day, or Christmas or Independence Day a team of people are closing stores and imposing fines. They do this only because they were ordered to by some with no check or balances, who can starve people for a day (not even grocery stores are opening) only because his ego needs to be served.

The situation here is getting worse every day. Chavez issues crazy order after crazy order and nothing is done. People are tired of this, but they are also afraid to protest.

On Saturday, a synagogue was attacked in Caracas, something that never had happened before in Venezuela. On my way to the university I see walls painted with "killer jews" slogans and "Throw them out". I am sick of this, and I am even sicker that many of my fellow liberals think that this crap is the answer to our problems.

I know, my point of view is biased, even if I recognize that some of the policies of this government have been good, but I would oppose any government that tells me to shut up because I think different, no matter how good it would be. I would oppose any gov. that takes the money from our common resources to support itself and that claims that because I oppose it I am a despicable person.