Yesterday at Boing Boing Gadgets


Yesterday on Boing Boing Gadgets:

• Brownlee admired a wall-mountable keyhole orb.

• Nikon announced a couple Rear Window style superzoom digicams.

• Google Japan advertised Chrome with a dash of Sesame Street.

• We saw exactly how much Rolex sand equals a human lifetime.

Space Invaders invaded our gin and tonics.

• NVIDIA's Ion platform for Atom processors is looking like a huge leap forward for netbooks and nettops.

• A shark fin tea-infuser caused Brownlee to remember a horrible day at the beach.

• Microsoft's recent layoffs have resulted in thrift stores stuffed to the gills with old Zune t-shirts.

• We discovered that a Hackintosh compared pretty swankly to the iBook when it comes to running Leopard.

• We learned about the possible existence of a now canceled Yahoo Phone.

• Joel dove into the futuristic automobile technology of robot cars and whistle cars.

• A winged Illuminati eye seduced us back into the days of 4,096 color monitors.

• Rob reviewed a set of iFrogz cans.

• Joel absolutely shreed on the B.C. Rich double neck guitar.

• We lounged countergravitationally on uncomfortable lounge chairs held aloft by the magic of magnetism.

And a lot more besides. Come read us!