Yesterday at Boing Boing Gadgets

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Today on Boing Boing Gadgets:

• FujiFilm released a digicam that, for once, didn't try too hard to pimp its megapixels.

• Brownlee considered the structural integrity of hamburgers.

• Windows 7 will be coming in the same editions as Windows Vista, despite the fact that there's only a need for exactly two.

• Apple may no longer make 160GB iPods, but you can cram 240GBs in there.

• We looked at a gorgeous photoset of Bell Labs' 1960s data center.

• We heard through the grapefine that Apple will allow background apps on the iPhone.

• We saw spy pics for the new Acer smartphone.

• We watched about 15 old commercials for toy robots.

• Joel salivated over NAMM Oddities: a gallery of wonderfully weird musical instruments.

• We shook our heads and wondered how GM could kill the electric car.

• One of these gaming mouses is not like the other.

• We petted and cooed over a robot bunny with a plasma globe for a head.

• Meet the Tesla of electric motorcycles: the $69,000 Mission One.

• We marveled at an entire African industry of professional gadget chargers.

• Best Buy refused to honor the prices of a no longer solvent competitor.

Tron and Depeche Mode proved a chocolate meets peanut butter sort of combo.

• Beschizza reviewed the iGO everywhereMax juicing station.

• Joel found an incredible mount to allow microscopic DSLR photos.

And more besides! Come read us.