Yesterday at Boing Boing Gadgets


Yesterday on Boing Boing Gadgets:

• We considered jamming wooden ear buds into our cochleas.

• Bill Gates unleashed malaria-stricken mosquitoes on Silicon Valley.

• Verizon Wireless did not understand the decimal experience.

• We thought about hard drives on a planetary scale.

• We looked at an interesting concept phone, half Blackberry Storm, half Optimus Maximus.

• Amazon misunderstood the prime purpose of a fleshlight.

• Steampowered R2D2!

• Let that modern day Cyrando de Bergerac, Mr. Brando himself, inspire Tesla-powered love in our hearts.

• We watched Tetris blocks tumble from the sky.

• Rob clued us in on how to make all joysticks wireless.

• Brownlee admired a machinist/inventor's pedal-powered submarine, which he hopes to pilot across the Atlantic.

• Joel admired a steampunk plasma bell jar.

• We discovered that the Vaio P may not be the netbook we all were waiting for.

• Rob horded some weapon pens that can be used even more ably to stab out someone's eyes.

• We pulled out LEGO minifig visors over our eyes and called it a day.

And much more besides! Come read us!