Brits: reply to Lord Carter's terrible "Digital Britain" report with Write to Reply

Write to Reply has created a world-writable version of Lord Carter's "Interim Report on Digital Britain," a farcical wish-list of crappy copyright recommendations assembled by giant telcos and media companies for Britain's future. Write to Reply is hoping that Britons will reply, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence, and set Lord Carter right. There's an RSS feed for His Lordship to read, but if the guy in charge of Britain's digital future doesn't understand RSS, Write to Reply will print out the whole thing and deliver it to him, too.

Dear Lord Carter,

Drawing on inspiration from the Power of Information Taskforce Report (beta) [ ], in which members of the public can comment on individual sections of that report, and in response to your statement in Digital Britain - The Interim Report that you “welcome feedback and comments on this interim report, before 12th March 2009″, we have republished “Digital Britain - The Interim Report” in a way that supports commenting on the report at the paragraph level at

Within a few hours of becoming publicly accessible on February 4th, 2008, comments started appearing on the site, with the site itself receiving several hundred visitors within just the first two days of availability.

We hereby invite you to consider comments made on Write To Reply’s Digital Britain site as comments made to you in response to Digital Britain - The Interim Report.

Digital Britain - Interim Report

(Thanks, George!)