iPhone repair company iResQ: No bad-service refund unless you delete blog posts complaining about the bad service

Meredith sez, "Apple's authorized iPhone repair service, iResQ, advertises same-day repair and overnight shipping. When Lindsay's iPhone screen shattered, she sent the phone to iResQ, and two weeks later it still hadn't been fixed. After she emailed to complain and posted the email to her (lightly trafficked) blog, iResQ agreed to eat the expedited shipping charge and part of the bill. However, now they're threatening to "rescind the refunds" unless Lindsay takes the blog post down. (Not sure whether they're still holding her phone hostage or not.)

Suppressing bad publicity is the only way that companies like this stay in business. Let's give them all the bad publicity they can handle and shame them into doing the right thing."

I hate IResQ

(Thanks, Meredith!)