Mister Rogers -- Podcast appreciation

The latest Tank Riot podcast is an outstanding appreciation of Mister Rogers, possibly the nicest, most genuine guy in American history -- a man so nice that when his car was stolen, the thieves returned it once they figured out whose car it was; a man so nice that he was able to stop a Burger King ad that used a soundalike by publicly declaring that he was "disappointed" in them. Rogers saved public TV and was critical in the fight to legalize VCRs, too. This is a really great hour of audio -- the Tank Riot guys really know a lot about the subject are are filled with genuine affection for him (I defy you to listen to his Congressional testimony without getting a tear in your eye).

Mister Rogers! The team takes a look at the much maligned, but very important and wonderful children's television personality. We discuss his Supreme Court appearance, his contribution to TV and the VCR, his great guests (Bruce Haack) and his neighborhood friends (Chuck Aber, Robert Trow, Betty Aberlin, Don Brockett, John Costa, Keith David, David Newell, Joe Negri) and more!

Mister Rogers: Tank Riot: Episode 67