Apple sez jailbreaking iPhones is illegal and should be banned

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Fred von Lohmann's been reading all the submissions to the Copyright Office on exemptions to the DMCA, and he's found this beauty: Apple is trying to ban jailbreaking iPhones:

Jailbreaking an iPhone constitutes copyright infringement and a DMCA violation, says Apple in comments filed with the Copyright Office as part of the 2009 DMCA triennial rulemaking. This marks the first formal public statement by Apple about its legal stance on iPhone jailbreaking.

Apple's iPhone, now the best-selling cellular phone in the U.S., has been designed with restrictions that prevent owners from running applications obtained from sources other than Apple's own iTunes App Store. "Jailbreaking" is the term used for removing these restrictions, thereby liberating your phone from Apple's software "jail." Estimates put the number of iPhone owners who have jailbroken their phones in the hundreds of thousands.

Apple Says iPhone Jailbreaking is Illegal