Today at Toy Fair at Boing Boing Gadgets


We've spent the weekend exploring a convention center full of the toys your children (and perhaps you!) will be demanding over the next year. New York's Toy Fair is the biggest show of it's kind here in the states, and it's a blast!

• New LEGO minifigs! Don't miss our big gallery of the 2009 spring 'n' summer collection. Then check out the Indy flying wing and hail the return of the Space Police.

• There was an invasion of tetromino games. Check out our gallery of evidence that 2009 is going to be vaguely Tetrissy through and through.

• Not everything there was cuddly-wuddly. We were welcomed by creepy Ken at the door, who became the centerpiece of our gallery of 8 things at Toy Fair that would terrify children.

• Maintain your Wasp Factory with the bug vacuum and habitat.

• Quality assurance: Surgical instruments for mutant plushies.

• Your saving throw against dice failed.

• Solar Robots will be taking over the world–it's sunny parts, at least.

• There was an ant farm in an old-style box.

• Backyard Safari is a cool backyard time capsule.

• EnviroBLOX makes delightful construction toys out of starch peanuts. Colorful and cuttable.

• Ubipetz echoed recursively between meatspace and virtuality.

• We listened to a musician play his washboard tie.

• We beheld the future of paddleball.

• Fabric you can print on using an inkjet printer: now pre-sewn into cuddly shapes for stuffing.

• Mark your time when reading books with colorful digital bookmarks.

• Do you know how long 5 seconds lasts? Bandai does.

• Cuddly Giraffe vs Ambien: FIGHT!

• Green Pieces puzzles have wildflower seeds inside.

• Harmony of the Spheres? Not when you have to put them together like a jigsaw puzzle!