South Park iPhone App a No-Show in Apps Store; Cartman Blames Kyle's Mom.


Remember back in October when I blogged about a new iPhone app from the South Park guys? Not sure what the whole story is on this one, but our friends at South Park tell us the app has long been completed — so, well, where is it? Via email:

We first announced our iPhone App back in October, after we submitted the Application to Apple for approval. After a couple of attempts to get the application approved, we are sad to say that our app has been rejected. According to Apple, the content was "potentially offensive." But Apple did admit that the standards would evolve, citing that when iTunes first launched it didn't sell any music with explicit lyrics. At this point, we are sad to say, the app is dead in the water. Sorry, South Park fans.

Our source says the app was rejected from the Apps store twice. The content is pretty much what you see on the show.

Eric Cartman had this to say. Above, Matt Stone demonstrating the app while it was still in development last Fall.

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