Wacko Jacko's wunderkammer for sale

In April, Julien's Auctions will sell off 2,000 curiosities belonging to Michael Jackson. I would be delighted to own this robotic Michael Jackson head from his 1988 "Moonwalker" film. From E! Online:

Among the choicer oddities up for grabs: The razor-handed gloves Johnny Depp sported in Edward Scissorhands ($4,000-$6,000); a golf cart complete with Peter Pan-emblazoned cushions and, the pièce de résistance, an image of Jacko-as-Pan on the hood, ($4,000-$6,000); a basketball signed by Michael Jordan ($800-$1,200); an original canvas painting by pal Macaulay Culkin (a steal at $200-$300); and potentially oddest of all–a particularly tall order given its company–a vintage sepia photograph of Roddy McDowall inscribed, "To Estelle, In appreciation for all the lovely things you have done for me."

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