BB Video: Roboexotica – Booze and 'bots.

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Robots that serve cocktails. That's the premise behind the Roboexotica festival in Vienna, Austria, which unites two things cherished by nerds around the globe — alcohol and DIY robotics.

Eddie Codel and Monochrom's Johannes Grenzfurthner were there, and shot video of the proceedings (and the drinkings, and the fallings, and the weirdness) for us to enjoy. So, enjoy. And do not drive or operate heavy machinery after doing so.

Did I mention that this video includes hot milkmaids from the Alps who serve you free booze, and a nude male robot that urinates delicious beer or something?

We don't have maker credits for all of the amazing devices shown, but here is the website for Robovox (the big guy who talks), and some of the robots featured were created by students of the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Dept. of Information Design. Monochrom co-curates the festival with