Boing Boing Video: In case you missed…

Here's a recap of the most recent editions of our daily Boing Boing Video episodes, in case you missed any of 'em. Our YouTube channel is here, you can subscribe to our daily video podcast on iTunes here.

* Concrete TV, Vintage '80s Video Mashup Art. Vintage '80s video art. Pop culture footage is edited into a blinding pace, set to music, producing a hypnotic, non-narrative, dreamy flow of imagery. download the MP4 here.

* Return of Superbarrio ("La Vuelta de Superbarrio"), an animated short by Bob Jaroc and Andy Ward. A masked superhero in Mexico fights injustice and violence — something Mexico could use right now, given the awful string of news around narco-crimes and government corruption. You can download the MP4 here.

* David O'Reilly, "Please Say Something" preview (animation) You can download the MP4 here. Excerpt from a longer, new work by the avant-garde animator David O'Reilly — a tale of love and domestic abuse involving a digital cat and mouse, set in the near future. We have featured David's work on Boing Boing before.

* Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, pt. 4 of 6 / Cheetos Boredom Busters. (This is an ad). download the MP4 here. Analysis of the "containings" of the mysterious, cheesy-crunchy snackstuffs are in, and our military science heroes discover they have been duped into participating into a viral marketing campaign.

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