BB Video: Les Claypool Boing Boing jam sesh, "Of Fungi and Foe."

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The legendary Les Claypool of Primus fame visited Boing Boing Video's new studios recently to kick out some "unplugged" jams and talk to us about his new album and forthcoming tour, which kicks off tomorrow night. The Colonel's new studio album, Of Fungi and Foe, hits the streets on March 17th, and his "Oddity Faire" tour is described as a "mutated mini fest" featuring freaks and odd performers in addition to Claypool's musical backing — Mike Dillon [Percussion], Paulo Baldi [Drums] and Sam Bass [Cello].

Some of the acts traveling with Claypool in this tour will be familiar to Boing Boing readers and viewers. They include Yard Dogs Road Show, Mutaytor, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3, Devotchka, and O'Death.

BB Video pal Matty Kirsch, a longtime Primus fan, hosts this sitdown. My favorite part of the episode is at the end, when Les obligingly takes a slew of requests from Matty for the bass lines from classic Primus songs. Very Chris Farley.

Claypool's creative legacy includes the faux fest movie "Electric Apricot," and we talk with him about his past collaborations with animators and multimedia artists. Perhaps the best known of these collaborations is his work with the South Park guys (he wrote the show's theme), and we take a look at some of the weird, surreal, cool music videos he's produced and released online.

Below, a short promotional video produced by Claypool with a peek ahead at the "Oddity Tour."

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