Skelebunnies: filthy, funny comics about the skinless bunnies who do Satan's bidding

I just finished my review copy of Tommy Kovac's collection of his Skelebunnies toon, just out from Slave Labor Graphics, and I'm here to tell you that it is juvenile, scatological, offensive, and very, very funny. Here's the basic premise: one day, two cute bunnies are frolicking in a picturesque wood, when a demon appears. He is so sickened by their saccharine romping that he vomits extremely bilious bile over them, skeletonizing them in seconds. To the demon's dismay, the bunnies continue to romp, though they are now the living dead, walking skeletons with Care Bear sensibilities (they are wont to ride a horribly burned My Little Pony as they go about their duties). Satan appears, is likewise appalled, but realizes that the bunnies' vile sweetness has its uses when it comes to sowing evil. For the rest of the strips, that's just what they do: romp, frolic, and commit disgusting acts of pure, unadulterated evil.

Skelebunnies is totally unredeeming, it's pure filth, and I reveled in it. Perhaps you will, too!

Skelebunnies Volume One

Tommy Kovac's site