Xeni: on the road in West Africa for a few weeks.

Ouidah, Benin: Temple of the Pythons

Hey there Boingdom — I'm en route to Cotonou, Benin as I type this, and will be meandering around several countries in West Africa for a few weeks. I hope to capture some special things to share with you. In my not-very-connected absence, my Boing Boing Video colleagues Jolon Bankey, Derek Bledsoe, and Wesly Varghese will keep our daily original video programming rockin', and we're planning some super rad new stuff for later in the month, together with all the Boingers. More on that soon, in another post. Producer Derek Bledsoe will be blogging each day's BBV episode while I'm on the road, and today's ep is a very interesting feature about Darfur. Hope you enjoy all they're going to publish while I'm traveling, and if you have any recommendations, questions, or thoughts to share on what I ought to be paying attention to (or pointing camera/microphone at) in the region where I'll be, please share in the comments!

Above, a snapshot I took of the door at the Temple of Pythons, in Ouidah, Benin, back in 2007. Ouidah is the spiritual heart of Benin, and is considered an important historical center of Voudun ("voodoo") tradition.