BB Video: (This is an ad) Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, pt. 6 of 6 / Cheetos Boredom Busters

Derek Bledsoe, Boing Boing Video producer, is blogging daily Boing Boing Video episodes while Xeni's on the road in Africa.

A disclaimer for the capitalist entertainment pellet above: This is a paid ad for Cheetos. This is also the 6th and final security bulletin from the long-lost Communist enclave of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf. This ad allows Boing Boing Video to post all remaining content ad-free.


We proclaim victory over the extremist political enclave Soviet Unterzoegersdorf with this transmission, in which they announce their final protest against the "golden showers" of liberalism and threaten to take their plight to the United Nations.


Ze good fellows at monochrom have developed a proletarian adventure game: Soviet Unterzogersdorf in which "a fictitious and misplaced handling of the past and present is put to use as a criticism of culture and collective memories."

Hmm… good bye FPSs, time for a does of meta-cultural exploration.