Europeans: ACT NOW to stop copyright term extension in the EU!

Glyn sez, "With the European Parliament set to vote on 23 March on extending the term of copyright for sound recordings, please write to your MEPs now urging them to vote against this measure. Your MEPs need to know that their voters are concerned and paying attention – use the Open Rights Group guide to lobbying your MEPs (click to download) and a briefing pack (click to download).

"I can't overstate it: get in touch with your MEPs now and use the new banners and buttons to spread the word.

"Key European experts opposing the extension have released a new letter to MEPs warning of the dangers. Highlighting that the costs to the public are likely to exceed &Euro;1 billion the academics warn:"

If Europe wishes to keep its ability to innovate, it must not lock in the current industry structure at a moment of great technological change, it must not inhibit digital creators and archives in the exploration of music – music which has been paid for once already, during the existing term!

The public will not be fooled. If copyright law, cynically, departs from its purpose, piracy becomes an easy option.

We urge the European Parliament, and the governments of member states of the European Union, to consider carefully the independent evidence on copyright term extension, and reject the Directive in its proposed form.

Copyright Term

(Thanks, Glyn!)