Seattle's Clarion West issues funds-matching challenge to support Australia's Clarion South

Eileen Gunn, writing on behalf of Seattle's Clarion West Writers Workshop, sez,

Clarion West knows how hard it can be to raise money for a writer's workshop, and after last year's laptop theft we know how generous our grads and supporters can be.

So when we saw the notice that Clarion South needs help, we decided to pitch in.

We're issuing a challenge to grads and supporters of the US workshops, Clarion and Clarion West. For every dollar a C/CW grad or supporter sends to Clarion South, we'll send a dollar too, up to a total of US$500.

Here's how it works: go to and make a donation. Then send an email to, telling them how much you sent and that it's for the Clarion West challenge. That's all. They'll check the info and pass it on to us, and we'll send them money.

Grads of Clarion South include Ellen Klages, Cat Sparks, and other exciting new writers. It's the only Clarion-style workshop in the southern hemisphere. It deserves to live!

PS: The three workshops are:
Clarion West,
Clarion South,

Donate to Clarion South

(Thanks, Eileen!)