BB Video: "Godel ????? Film School," excerpt from the PSST! 3 Animation Project

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Today we present "Godel ????? Film School," an animated short from the PSST! 3 Film series. Like the other shorts in the PSST! project, this one's the result of a collaboration between three teams of animators. Those teams worked together to express a single story with a uniquely animated and separately produced beginning, middle, and end.

"Godel" begins with a colorful family of ink blots digitally morphed onto a gothic landscape of kittens and disembodied Walt Disney heads. Their nightmarish adventure ends as they land in the sedative seats of a dreary film class. This delightful short was animated in part by David O'Reilly, whose work we've featured previously on Boing Boing Video.

About the PSST! 3 project, curator Bran Dougherty-Johnson tells Boing Boing,

The main creative challenge is really self-initiated. It's to create original and inspired work on no budget and in collaboration with other teams. That in itself is a challenge, but the reward is unfettered creativity and self-expression with no restraints. You can see in the films that the artists involved took this idea to heart.

Art is a form of reality creation. With PSST! we are opening a space for Motion Graphic Design and Animation to do something other than commercials and endtags, to build community and to create our own work.

PSST! 3 will be screening in New York City on Wed. March 25th at the Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. A limited number of DVDs with all 17 animations from the film project are available for purchase here.


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