Punk shed anthem

The delightfully named middle-aged British punk band PUNKS NOT DAD have released a high-energy anthem devoted to the delights of the humble garden shed, entitled: "In Me Shed."

There's a place where I wanna go
be on my own when I'm feeling low
Only place that I wanna be – ONLY PLACE WHERE A DAD CAN BE FREE!
If you want me – you know where to find me If you need me – you'll know where to look – I'll be…
In me shed – reading the paper
In me shed – stirring up some paint
In me shed – sorting out me jam jars
In me shed in me shed
In me shed – fixing a puncture
In me shed – oiling the lawnmower
In me shed – having a quiet fag
In me shed in me shed in me shed

Like Punk rock, like sheds, then this is for you.

(Thanks, Uncle Wilco!)