BB Video: The Mae Shi are "Professionals"

Derek Bledsoe, Boing Boing Video producer, is blogging daily Boing Boing Video episodes while Xeni's on the road in Africa.

Why not take the next 3 minutes to get to know a little experimental punk band called The Mae Shi? BB Video's pub crawling music correspondent Russell Porter takes advantage of a dreary London afternoon by having a little chat with Jeff Byron and Jacob Cooper from The Mae Shi.

It's hard to nail down exactly what the sound of The Mae Shi is. Suffice to say that it has left very few boundaries uncrossed. A quick check through their Myspace player produces driving punk songs like "Vampire Beats" and "Boys in the Attic" while at the same time providing some catchy emo-esque riffs in "Run to Your Grave" (also featured in the video above). Over the last few years, The Mae Shi have made their rounds, touring with the Germs in 2007, and playing a whopping 15 shows in Austin during this year's South By Southwest Festival.

Their most recent single, "R U Professional," is a tasty Christian Bale tribute:

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