Father Jack wishes you a happy St Paddy's day!

Joe sez,

A group of seven Irish comics artists – Stephen Mooney, Stephen Thompson, PJ Holden, Nick Roche, Will Sliney, Bob Byrne and Declan Shalvey – recently set up their own collective comics sketching blog, Eclectic Micks. As Declan put it, they were trying to raise the profile of Irish comics creators and make readers as aware of them as they are of the great talent we have in the UK.

With seven artists the guys are effectively taking a day each to post sketches – for today Declan has posted up a piece that isn't actually comics related but dammit, it's so good it has to be shared: St Patrick's Day greetings from the always charming and deeply pious Father Jack Hackett from Graham Linehan's brilliant Father Ted series (surely one of THE stand out comedy series of the last couple of decades). If you're getting ODed on dyed green rivers and people donning ginger beards and green hats here's a St Pat's Day antidote for you. Now where's my drink, you feckers? DRINK!!!


(Thanks, Joe!)